HSRC Limpet's Call
Eol Prou XN-U b32-23
Distance from Colonia: 498 ly

Today is my birthday!

I decided that after the rush of preparation for the flight out on the Limpet’s Call, today I would have a rest day. I’ve booked the Leonov in for a check-out by the Call’s engineering team and have ventured out of my cabin to go find some liquid refreshment.

That’s how I found myself in the ship’s bar, the “Seal Club”, enjoying the craic. I’ve had a round with Cmdrs Adrastus Peripatetic, Unknown, Naecon and Astaced, and we’re having a bite to eat and sharing a few tall tales from our adventures. I’m feeling very welcome, and very relaxed as the chat and the alcohol flows!

Cmdr Unknown did have a warning for me though – he gravely told me never to drink from Cmdr Keni’s private stash. Apparently he’s the nicest of fellas until you drink his beer, then bad things happen…! I assured him I would steer well clear of the private beer!

I’ll probably spend a couple of hours here and then head back to my cabin to relax. The ship entertainment channels are very well stocked and there’s a couple of truly old but fun movies in the “Star Wars” series I want to re-watch.

Hard to believe that when these were made, mankind had not even left the solar system…

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