Black Holes and Revelations

Imperial Courier "Arwen Evenstar"
Eoch Pruae EG-Y g1769
Distance from Colonia: 1,252 ly

Flight testing Arwen Evenstar

My Imperial Courier “Arwen Evenstar” has arrived on board the Limpet’s Call. It’s been a long time since i’ve flown her. After months of flying pure exploration ships, the temptation to bring her along was too great and I have to confess i’m enjoying flying her again – it’s nice to fly a ship solely designed for speed and fun! I’ve been working on improving her top speed – she’s quite the mover now, but there’s further work to be done yet.

Arwen on the ground at Eoch Pruae GE-M c22-274.

On arrival aboard the Limpet’s Call in Eoch Pruae GE-M c22-274, I went on a short trip to Secadu to investigate the central black hole of the system.

The trip nearly ended in disaster when I mistimed my exit from supercruise and the ship ran square into the radiation field around the singularity. The FSD immediately overloaded and shut down, unceremoniously dumping the ship into normal space. The shields held, deflecting the worst of the radiation but the ship took damage in every system, and I was thoroughly scared out of my wits!

The Eye of Secadu.

I still managed to get some good data from the singularity, despite the high radiation field and the damaged systems, and as soon as the readings were properly logged we headed back to the Limpet’s Call.

It took an engineering team a whole day to get all the systems back to 100% operation.

I received a lecture from the CAG, Lieut. Cmdr Wong, about flight safety around spacial anomalies and wasting engineering staff time. That was… uncomfortable. I have made a mental note to treat the engineering team to a drink sometime soon to apologise for tying up their time, but I don’t think the CAG will settle for a beer in the bar. I think I should keep my head down around her!

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