Mitchell’s Legacy to the Clockwork Rings

Imperial Cutter "Temeraire" 1C3-DW
Byaa Ain QA-J c11-144 (Clockwork Rings)
16,752 light years from Sol

Temeraire continues to function well, all systems nominal.

Field of Stars

We passed by Mitchell’s Legacy without incident. I had intended to spend more time here, but in the end the decision was made to continue on quickly as the next waypoint was soon to be announced.

Moon and Water World – Byaa Ain DA-W b19-0 A 2 a

Despite this, I couldn’t help but slow down a little when I encountered an undiscovered and unmapped system containing two water worlds.

Apollo 8 remembered

Making a low pass over the moon, I witnessed the host world rising over the plain and was instantly reminded of the ancient image of Earth rising over the plains of Earth’s moon as taken by the Apollo 8 mission.

Leaving the system behind I headed for the Clockwork Rings, intrigued by the name of this system.

The Clockwork Rings

They didn’t disappoint. The planets’ rings are perpendicular to each-other allowing both a spectacular view and the opportunity to try “threading the needle” at high speed with Temeraire.

Clockwork Composition

I spent a little while here, flying through and around the ring systems of both planets.

It was getting late, and I was starting to get tired so I headed away from the Clockwork Rings and eventually overnighted in a system a few jumps away on the route to Polo Harbour.