Dbx Alexei Leonov
Hyades Sector DR-V c2-23 A 5 "Dav's Hope"

As I rolled through the base for the umpteenth time, I suddenly realised that the view was stunning and had to stop and take it in for a while.

Majestic mountains.

Although this is a forbidding place – long closed after a mining disaster – the mountains are majestic, towering over the tiny site and just begging to be climbed. Another time I might give in, but i’m here to work and work I must. Still, it’s quite a scene. Sunlight perpetually bakes the ground and nothing moves, except for the occasional low-flying ship to break the solitude. “Magnificent desolation” to coin a phrase from history.

Dbx Alexei Leonov at Dav’s Hope Mining Base.

I’m here to replenish my materials so I can get some engineering upgrades carried out on the Alexei Leonov before the Perseus Reach expedition starts in earnest in a week or two. It’s a long haul – materials are plentiful but have to be carefully sought among the buildings. I’m reaching the point now that driving around the buildings and storage areas is becoming muscle memory!

Dav’s Hope, baking in the perpetual daylight.

The good news is that I think i’m nearly done – a few more passes and then it’s off into the black to see some engineer friends of mine.

I’m glad it’s nearly done – I know that this grinding will help me get the Alexei Leonov to top specification for the trip, but it does begin to wear you down after a while. There are consolations though – my SRV driving is a lot better now, I had gotten rusty…

…and the view is spectacular.

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