The Fog of War

Alliance Chieftain "Sir Winston Churchill" NH-02T
Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-41 "Malthus Terminal"

The battle continues.

The Churchill is holding up well, anti-xeno ops are what she was built for after all. Me? Not so well. Constant combat sorties are beginning to take their toll. Sleep becomes hard, thoughts are constantly coming back to the battle and i’ve started getting twitchy. When I was checking out repairs on the Churchill yesterday one of the mechs dropped a hydro-spanner – I damn nearly dove for cover. Getting my composure back was difficult… I went straight back to my room and tried to sleep, but ended up staring at the ceiling for the longest time.

I’m in good company here – there are some sixty-odd commanders here taking the fight to the ‘goids. I think we’re slowly turning the tide, but these buglys are tenacious…

Remains of battle

The sector is littered with debris – the flotsam and jetsam of combat encounters still washes around the system. Only today I found the remains of an encounter floating in the Black. I found some salvage there, picked it up and brought it back to the station, but I felt like a scavenger, desecrating a tomb. I couldn’t help wondering if someday a scavenger would be scratching through my final resting place…


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