The Great Annihilator

Imperial Cutter "Temeraire" 1C3-DW
Great Annihilator (Great Annihilator Black Hole)
23,000 light years from Sol

We’ve arrived in close proximity to the Great Annihilator black hole. It’s taxing the ship’s systems but they are all still in the green.

The Great Annihilator

I’m running deep scans of the area around the black hole down to the event horizon. Looking into the abyss i’m always tempted to quote Nietzsche at times like this.

Face to Face with the Great Annihilator

It’s always unsettling to see space distorted by gravity, seeing light itself being stretched and torn by the power of the singularity.

Tourist Beacon

It’s incongruous to find a tourist beacon floating out here, but this will soon be a major tourist destination once the new station is open at Sag A*.