The Jade Ghost

Imperial Cutter "Temeraire" 1C3-DW
Byoi Ain WE-R e4-913 (Jade Ghost Stellar Remnant)
17,496 light years from Sol

Back in flight – Temeraire nominal, no incidents to report.

We’ve reached a milestone on the expedition. Today marks the start of stage 2 of the journey – exploring the core of our galaxy and completing the build of a new station.

I launched early from Polo Harbour, but in the end decided not to wait behind for any launch events. As soon as the next waypoint and POIs were made available, I punched them into the nav computer and spooled up the drive.

The Jade Ghost Stellar Remnant

The very first target on my list was the Jade Ghost stellar remnant, relatively close to Polo Harbour at two jumps away. This is a beautiful blue-green cloud from the outside but when you jump into the centre, space itself becomes brilliant green.

Jade Ghost – Central Black Hole

At the centre is a black hole, which I carefully manoevered Temeriare toward to pick up sensor readings. I spent a little time here, contemplating the view before heading out again to the next point of interest. The colours are surprisingly restful.

Jade Ghost – Edging closer to the centre