The Llyn Tegid Nebula

Imperial Cutter "Temeraire"
Clooku EW-Y C3-197 5 G A - Shepard Shallows basecamp
13,127 light years from Sol

I’ve made it to Waypoint 4 at last, but only just in time.

I’d already missed the next waypoint announcement when I dropped in-system, and I decided not to take part in any mass FTL-jumps so I made my way to basecamp to pause a moment and take in the view.

Everything seems okay with the Temeraire – while i’m briefly paused here I am running diagnostics and repairing worn systems – the AFMU is working hard as I write – so in a short time after repairs are done and i’ve laid in the new waypoints on the nav computer, we will be ready to plot a new course and move on.

I’m not particularly tired yet, so let’s see how far I get before I have to retire for the night!