Outfitting Explorer’s Anchorage

Imperial Cutter "Temeraire" 1C3-DW
Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 (Explorer's Anchorage)
25,900 light years from Sol

The community goal for XA is now in full swing. I decided that I would join in the CG and go mining. Unfortunately as there is no shipyard facility at Explorer’s Anchorage to bring my mining ship Brunel across, I will have to outfit Temeraire to go mining.

After much consideration I chose my loadout and with the help of some information on the bulletin boards at the station I found a likely spot to find the desired materials and set off.

Mining for the community goal
Searching for resources, limpets in tow.
Limpets away!

Despite an interesting encounter with ring lifeforms, I soon became frustrated with mining oxygen and water, and changed my focus to Bauxite.

I also uprated Temeraire’s system to handle more than 3 collector limpets at a time – this made mining a breeze and since then i’ve mined my way onto the CG in the top 25% slot. I aim to go out and do more mining in the next day or so, just to sustain my position in the CG.

Indigenous ring lifeforms
Strange mineral outcrops in the rings – some of them are huge!