The Quantum World

Imperial Cutter "Temeraire"
Flyiedgiae QN-T d3-17 AB 1 B (Quantum World)
8,995 light years from Sol

Time was really against me now if I wanted to make the next waypoint in time. I travelled further down the route from Eagle’s Landing finding lots of new and undiscovered systems, but I was now flying hell-for-leather, pushing the ship to her limits, risking system failures or overheating when scooping fuel. On a couple of occasions I cut the margins too thin and started to overheat when spinning up the drive too soon after scooping. Only the application of a well-timed heatsink helped avert major system damage.

I paused only briefly at Eudaemon Anchorage at Rohini, just long enough to once again carry out repairs and restock the ship… then it was back into the black and full speed ahead.

Bark mounds on Quantum world.

After many jumps I arrived at the Quantum World – Flyiedgiae QN-T d3-17 AB 1 B.

This world has the distinction of being if not the smallest then one of the smallest planets or moons in the universe. At only 137 km in diameter, there are asteroids and planetoids larger than it is.

This world is so small! I really struggled to get the approach right for a landing. In a ship the size of Temeraire the planet is out of view below the nose of the ship during most of the approach. It’s not until the glide phase that you can get a line up on your target and fly down to it properly.

Surprisingly, despite the small size of the moon, I did find bark mounds there. As with the others I attempted various stimulus to see if they reacted. No reply was received

In the end I stayed barely a half-hour on the moon before I took off for the final destination – the Conflux Delta site at Waypoint 3.