The Rusty Net Nebula

Imperial Cutter "Temeraire"
Skaude AL-X e1-28
10,674 light years from Sol

I decided that for the next leg of the trip I needed to pick up the pace a little, but I was still mindful of the fact that I was within an ace of receiving my first Elite rating – I had about 25% to go to getting my Elite Exploration rank.

Try as I might I couldn’t quite bring myself to head directly to the next point of interest – I was still tending to leave the ‘beaten path’ and fly parallel to the direct route. This was netting me a good supply of undiscovered systems and I was increasingly certain that I would get my coveted Elite Explorer status.

The Rusty Net Nebula seen from a neighbouring star system.

The Rusty Net nebula was the first point of interest. The stellar remnant was stunning – so much detail in the cloud. I flew into the nebula for a closer look…

Strange channels and patterns of colour greeted my eyes. An eye-catching and beautiful nebula!