About the Ships…

NH-16D “Alexei Leonov” – Diamondback Explorer

The New Explorer!

The “Alexei Leonov” is the newest ship in the fleet. Designed for pure exploration she has a range of just under 70 light years per jump and is also outfitted for fleet engineering and Hull Seals work. She is being prepared for the Perseus Reach mission in February 3306.

IC3-DW “Temeraire” – Imperial Cutter

Temeraire at the Great Annihilator.

“Temeraire” is the ship that I took on the Distant Worlds II expedition in 3305. Again, she is outfitted for exploration and fleet engineering in comfort, and took 7-8 months out in the Black in her stride. Since then she was briefly re-numbered and had a change of livery for the month long Christmas Carriers Convoy 4 in December 3305.

NH-02T “Sir Winston Churchill” – Alliance Chieftain

Churchill on anti-xeno ops.

The Churchill is one of my favorite ships – she’s fast, manoeverable, a joy to fly. She’s recently become my go-to combat ship, and with a hastily thrown-together load-out she has been taking part in anti-xeno ops in the Pleiades.