About Me…

Greetings Commanders!

I’m Cmdr Nhi Vanye I Chya, and these are the logs of my voyages through the universe of Elite Dangerous.

Although i’m originally from old Earth, nowadays home is the Aulin system – that is, when i’m not out in the deep black searching for stellar phenomenon and elusive wonders.

This site came about as an experiment – I thought it would be interesting to keep a log in the form that my ancestors did, over a thousand years ago.

I’ve been many things – bounty hunter, trader, soldier… but for the time being i’m content to explore and photograph the far reaches of this vast galaxy. I’m rated double-elite by the Pilot’s Federation (Trade and Exploration) and proud to be a Hull Seal – part of the trinity of emergency services in the ‘verse (with the Fuel Rats and the Kingfishers).

Temeraire encountering ring lifeforms on Distant Worlds 2

I’ve flown as part of several expeditions, including Small Worlds 3 and the aforementioned Distant Worlds 2, where I caught the exploring bug in earnest. There’s something about long-duration missions into the deep Black that I enjoy. Hopefully I will be able to keep a record of them here.

Please enjoy the photos and don’t forget to say “Hi” when we’re out in the Black. See you out there, commander. o7 and Fly safe!