Routine, interrupted.

HSRC Limpet's Call
Wepae KN-T e3-961
Distance from Colonia: 5,200 ly

Examining magma vents on Schee Flyuae UO-A e5581 2 a.

Life on board the Limpet’s Call seemed to have settled down into a steady rhythm – each jump takes us further out into unexplored space, and between jumps there was time to explore local systems.

On one of the journeys I snapped a shot on the drone camera (above) and submitted it to the weekly on-board photo contest and won second prize which I was particularly proud of – the quality of the submissions was very high so it was a welcome commendation.

Everything seemed fine – no incidents, the carrier performing faultlessly – until the 15th July. Out of the blue a communique was released by the carrier command crew indicating that all was not well. Ensign Baxter, the chief Comms officer had intercepted a mysterious coded message while the carrier was hove-to in Wepae IK-V b32-1. Thanks to Cmdr Triscus, we soon had the decoded message – “Package has been inserted. Asset confirms jump 238 is underway. Prepare for extraction.

Dropping down to the next exploration site…

This was strange, but nobody seemed overly concerned until LCdr Wong announced fighter training for all commanders. That made everyone sit up and take notice – there must be real concern in the command crew if they are training us up for combat.

So far all that seems to have happened is a lot more idle gossip in the Seal Club – let’s hope this isn’t signs of something more serious developing.

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