The Long Arf

The Long Arf

The Long Arf is an expedition being organised by the Hull Seals, an organization dedicated to helping out stranded commanders and repairing them to keep them flying – wherever they are in the galaxy.

The mission is to place the first of three Fleet Carriers on station in the Ryker’s Hope quadrant of the galaxy as part of DSSA – the Deep Space Support Array.

The carrier – HSRC Limpet’s Call – is the flagship of the Hull Seals fleet and will be launched from Colonia and will head galactic north via Odin’s Hold.

More information about the expedition is available here on EDSM: The Long Arf and also here: Hull Seals – The Long Arf.

Further information about the Fleetcom Deep Space Support Array can be found here on the Frontier Forums: DSSA.


Week 1 – Colonia to Subway Alpha

Week 2 – Subway Alpha to the Halfway Point

Week 3 – Halfway Point to The Drop Zone

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