Mining for Fun & Profit.

Python "I K Brunel"
Omega Sector LC-V c2-26
5,507 light years from Sol

Temeraire’s systems are now serviced, recalibrated and ready to go again.

After arriving at the Omega mining station on Saturday morning, I decided it was time for a change. I’d been flying straight jumps for the best part of the week, so I changed the Temeraire’s loadout for a mining rig and set off to do some rock breaking.

It didn’t take me long to find myself back in the dock, restoring my explorer build and arranging transport of my mining ship over from Shinrarta Dezhra. While the Temeraire is a wonderful ship for exploration, for mining she’s a little too big and clumsy. I needed the Brunel.

First deepcore with Temeraire

The I K Brunel is a Faulcon deLacy Python with my own custom mining rig installed. It took 15 hours and 32 million credits to ship her in, but what a difference!

The Brunel is so much better suited to mining – She’s more manoeuvrable, much smaller and easier to get into the narrow spaces after deepcore mining, and is just far more comfortable.

Anyway, she arrived this morning, and after a day of digging things out and blowing things up, I’m on the contribution list and in line for a cash payout. I just need to get further up the list – I need to recoup the cost of having Brunel brought outside of the bubble.

Tomorrow I go looking for the motherlode.