Ocularis Coelum

Imperial Cutter "Temeraire" 1C3-DW
Mylaifa AA-A h786 (Ocularis Coelum)
19,055 light years from Sol

All systems are functioning normally, though we are falling off on the pace a little. We’re encountering so many undiscovered and unscanned systems that it is slowing us down – I may be becoming a little obsessive about scanning all the new systems we discover!

Mylaifa AA-A h786 (Ocularis Coelum)

This is Ocularis Coelum, a G type star with a huge ring system orbiting around it. Again, we skimmed down into the ring system to take a closer look.

Ocularis Coelum – A view across the rings

From our vantage point half-way out into the ring system, the star seems tiny. I’d love to run some long-term scans of the rings but other systems call us on…

Ocularis Coelum – close up of the star