Under Way…

Dbx "Alexei Leonov" NH-16D
Eol Prou XN-U b32-23
Distance from Colonia: 498 ly

Preparing for the first jump.

The Long Arf expedition is under way.

HSRC Limpet’s call jumped out at around 1900hrs today, making its inaugural jump out to Eol Prou XN-U b32-23. The launch went smoothly and the carrier crew are now analysing the jump log data and performing post-jump maintenance.

I stayed on-station long enough to see the last of the support team jump out and then followed along – the Leonov caught up with the carrier eight jumps later, and we’re now docked and downloading sensor data to the carrier’s mainframe.

Everyone trying to get a look at Cmdr Rixxan’s shower!

The next task is to fly on to the Six Sisters, Eol Prou XN-U b32-23 and gather further astrocartography data – i’ve heard that it is a facinating system and i’m interested to see what’s there. Time for a quick jaunt out and back to the carrier in time for cocoa!

HSRC Limpet’s Call at Colonia.

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