Zunuae to Insinnergy’s World

Imperial Cutter "Temeraire" 1C3-DW
Zunuae HL-Y e6903 Zunuae Nebula to Myriesly DQ-G d10-1240 Insinnergy's World
23,544 to 25,495 light years from Sol

We’re moving fast now, jumping between so many different points of interest. Temeraire has the wind at her back and we are flying fast!

The Zunuae Nebula

The first point of interest along this path is the Zunuae nebula – we stop briefly to get a view of the nebula from a nearby planetary surface before hurtling onward.

The Zunuae Nebula from the surface of Zunuae TC-V d2-5699 A 1.

We pass the Wulfric nebula at speed, catching an image on the long-range sensors as it passes in and out of view…

The Wulfric Nebula

Executing a high-speed pass of “Six Rings” we captured an image of planet 3 – it has a ring system that is highly inclined to its orbital path.

Planet 3 in the “Six Rings” system Myriesly RY-S e3-5414

Finally we pause briefly to take in the nearby ring system and biologicals of Insinnergy’s World, although we managed to land in local night. Some of the biologicals shine in the darkness…

Strange biologicals on Insinnergy’s World, Myriesly DQ-G d10-1240 7 a.
Insinnergy’s World – the rings of the host gas giant loom large in the sky.

And so we move quickly on to new sights…