Caeruleum Luna

Imperial Cutter "Temeraire" 1C3-DW
Hypoe Flyi HX-T e3-295 (Caeruleum Luna)
22,749 light years from Sol

After some repairs on Waypoint 6, Temeraire is back on the trail and flying just fine.

Caeruleum Luna Planetary Nebula

Caeruleum Luna is our next point on the route – this blue planetary nebula is beautiful from a distant viewpoint and the view inside from the numerous moons and planets is equally spectacular.

Nebula Silhouettes

I visited Mysturji crater on Hypoe Flyi HX-T E3-295 A 1 D, but time and tide waits for no man and soon Temeraire was back in the black and headed to the next point of interest.

I’ve decided on a change of plan – i’ve been running behind the calendar for some time now, struggling to catch up at times so i’ve decided to skip some of the points of interest on the route and try to reach the next major waypoint a little earlier.