Early Start.

Dbx "Alexei Leonov" NH-16D
LBN 623 Sector UU-O b6-4 1
Distance from Sol: 603 ly

It’s morning of day 1. The diagnostics have run overnight and there’s no sign of further issues in the ship’s codebase, so i’ve okayed the ship for flight again. We shouldn’t lose any more limpets anyway.

I decided to indulge an impulse and had a quick drive through the geyser field around the ship. I was rewarded with some Tin and Niobium – the Tin is especially welcome as we only have low stocks and it might yet come in useful for synthesis on the journey.

Looking for Tin…

So, after a wander in the SRV it’s back aboard the Leonov and full speed ahead out into the Black. We have a schedule to make, and lollygagging around geyser fields isn’t going to hit the deadline!

Climbing the gravity well…

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