When Other Worlds Intrude…

Dbx "Alexei Leonov"
HSRC Limpet's Call, Colonia
Distance from Sol: 22 Kly

The last push to Semotus Beacon.

I have an apology to make – I am very sorry. My grand experiment to log my progress on the Perseus Reach Expedition ended somewhat suddenly around March, 3306.

Due mostly to events in the real-world, this world was rather suddenly thrown on its head and though I completed the trip to Semotus Beacon, I failed to update my progress.

I hope to revisit some of the footage and images shot to post them here – I have Gigabytes of images of the trip! – but i’ll hold off on uploading these for the moment as duty and the black are calling me again.

Overnight stop at Pyra Dryiae EK-C d14-3 AB 1.

On Monday 6th July, HSRC Limpet’s Call will be leaving Colonia for the month-long trip out to the Ryker’s Hope region where she will be positioned on-station as an advanced repair base for the Hull Seals. I have volunteered as part of this mission – the Long Arf – to do my bit to assist and to further explore the distant reaches of the galaxy.

This time I will endevour to keep my logs up to date!