Supplemental: Double Elite!

Good news! I’ve made double Elite!

Elite Trading!

I was really pleased to find out that my Trader Elite status came in yesterday, thanks to all the Bauxite i’ve sold.

The bad news is it’s the wee small hours of the night by ship’s time and I am exhausted. I had to abandon the mining efforts when I nearly flew Temeraire straight into a rock whilst launching a prospector limpet.

I headed straight back to XA so I could offload my contribution to the CG – I had 300+ tons of Bauxite in the hold, so my efforts tonight have not been for naught. I can be pretty confident of remaining in the top 25% on the CG now.

Returning to XA was tricky – the approach to the station was very busy and by this time I was really struggling with fatigue, but after a couple of manoevers to avoid oncoming traffic I made the allotted landing pad without further incident. Selling my cargo and ordering repair services all happened in a blur. I’m headed to my bunk now and i’m going to sleep the day away tomorrow.

I will probably convert Temeraire back to exploration mode now, ready for the next waypoint. There are some local sights i’d like to see before we move on, and I may fly back downrange to look at some points of interest i missed.