The Amaethon Nebula & Polonium Fields

Imperial Cutter "Temeraire" 1C3-DW
Floalt GO-G d11-9 4 E (Polonium Fields)
16,133 light years from Sol

Running downrange of Gagarin Gate, we have encountered the Amaethon Nebula and have landed at Polonium Fields for a brief stopover.

The Amaethon Nebula

For some reason my view of the nebula seemed quite faint – it may be that I had configured the external sensors incorrectly, will have to check them out. We flew through the system to Floalt GO-G d11-9 body 4 E, nicknamed “Polonium Fields”. This body has the highest concentrations of Polonium yet discovered at a whopping 2.1%. I couldn’t resist hopping in the SRV and collecting some.

Polonium Fields

We were soon back in the air and on our way to the next point of interest.