The Arkgamanon Mountains

Imperial Cutter "Temeraire"
Pyramoe PM-X b33-6 A 2 A
6,098 light years from Sol.

The first stop on my route out of waypoint 2 was the first point of interest on the list – the Arkgamanon Mountain range. It was quite late, so I resolved to land and get some much needed shut-eye.

It was well worth the visit!

Venturing out.

The mountain range is spread around the perimeter of a plain, a largely flat area which seems to accentuate the towering peaks. Some of the peaks soar to a majestic 25kms above the surface!

Exploring the plain.

I came in on the far side of the mountains and was treated to an aerial view of the mountains as we banked in, then rolled down and through a steep valley cut through the rock face. The setting sun picked out the crags and deep crevasses… it was quite the view!

Settling down for the night.

After setting the Temeraire down, I exchanged pleasantries with some fellow commanders on the plain and after a quick drive around the landing site, I settled down for the night.