Preparations In Earnest.

Dbx "Alexei Leonov" NH-16D
Distance from Sol: 22,000 ly.

The newly commissioned HSRC Limpet’s Call at Colonia.

I first heard about the DSSA and the Long Arf whilst still out in the deep black en-route to Beagle Point. The Deep Space Support Array is a magnificent concept, a mammoth undertaking and will potentially revolutionise the arduous and dangerous task of exploration. The Hull Seals along with so many other groups have volunteered three ships to cover the Ryker’s Hope area – the first and foremost of which is the flagship and home base of the Hull Seals – the HSRC Limpet’s call.

A team was needed; a crew to help fuel the carrier and get it to its destination. How could I say no? The only problem? I had about two weeks to get myself from Salome’s Reach to Colonia to prepare and get on board of the Limpet’s Call.

The Alexei Leonov, pushing to the limit…

I pushed the Alexei Leonov as hard as I could, travelling the Neutron Superhighway all the way south to Colonia – arriving with several days to spare. There were many near misses along the way, jumping from neutron star to neutron star – the frame shift drive needed constant repairs and coaxing to get the ship back safely – but we made it, my little ship and I.

After spending a day or so sampling the delights of civilisation on Jacques’ Station and getting the Leonov a complete repair and overhaul, I made my way over to the carrier and boarded. I quickly decided I needed something a little more substantial to take on the trip, so I arranged for Temeraire to be transported in. Later I decided to also bring “Arwen Undomiel”, my Imperial Courier, along on the trip, for no better reason than for having some fun on the way.

I also purchased and shipped in several modules in case they would be required – mostly mining equipment and additional power equipment for Temeraire, in case I needed to up-spec her from an exploration rig to something more suited to heavy lifting.

The Alexei Leonov, finally ready on board of Limpet’s Call.

So, now I am ready. All is packed on board and i’m looking forward to meeting some of my fellow crew tomorrow for the launch away to waypoint 1. It promises to be spectacular, we will be synchronising our jump with the carrier if all goes well. Then the work begins – a month of exploration, carrier maintenance and some adventure to be had as we once again head into the deep black.

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