Departure Point

Dbx "Alexei Leonov" NH-16D
Sol System - Tethys Geosite 10

We have made safe landfall on Tethys, (the third moon of the planet Saturn in the Sol system) after an uneventful transit from Malthus Terminal and some last-minute tweaking and fine-tuning at Shinrarta Dezhra.

It is ship’s night, and I should be asleep but i’m too taken in by the view from the cockpit. Saturn is hanging in the sky, hypnotic and beautiful.

Saturn over Tethys at Geosite 10.

I was born on Earth, but moved away to Aulin when I was still quite young so I never got the chance to explore the Sol system. For all my travelling, all the ringed gas giants I have seen, this view of Saturn never tires.

Perhaps because I still feel a special affinity with my ancestral home.

The Perseus Reach expedition starts in two days and I am ready… well, as ready as i’m going to get. My next adventure into deep space awaits, and I am ready to greet the Black like an old friend.

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